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Two Magic Tricks

Here is the story of the “Obnoxious Kid”:

This is my presentation of the classic, “Triumph”, under the title, “The Obnoxious Kid”. Now, I actually love kids, and NONE of the kids I teach are actually “obnoxious”. My students are AWESOME! But it makes for a better story, this way.

The song in the background, by the way, is “Kilimanjaro” by the band, Township Bamboo, from their 1993 album, Journal of Dreams. (THAT will bring back some memories for some folks!)

And now here is “Pulling a Card Through the Deck, Two Ways”:

A simple Card Through Deck effect, with some Tom Waits (“Russian Dance”) in the background.

Have a magical day!

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Magic Practice

Here’s a random collection of effects I was working on the other day:

Originally, I was just working on my pass (which is much better than it used to be, thankfully), but then I started fooling around with some other stuff, including a still-in-progress sketch of an ACR, I’m calling the “Obnoxious Card”. Also included are a spin change, and a coin through card effect.

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Four Aces, Two Ways

My latest card foolery:

Confessions of a recidivist card mechanic. (Just kidding. I still don’t play poker, or any other card game for money, any more.)

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Current Projects

Current projects: Austin Church plant business case, Disney World travel plans, Burn Notice reruns, & developing my Ambitious Card Routine.

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It’s Been Awhile but We’re Back with Style

I’m wanted for the senseless use of Chipmunk music in three states.

I’m sorry, but no, I cannot explain.

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