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Mac Frazier performs Aaron Fisher

Aaron Fisher is a genius. I like watching his instructional videos and listening to his podcast as much for his metathinking on magic as a psychological performance art as I do for their instructional–and entertainment–value.

Below are a few of his effects, as performed by me…



The effect behind “Booya”, the One-Handed Popover:

And, finally, Secret Weapon:

Check out Aaron Fisher’s website,

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Amazing Effect

This is currently my favorite magic effect:

This is one of those effects that feels magical even to the one who is performing it, and of everything I know how to do, this gets the best reactions. It was created by Aaron Fisher, a magician who has the additional talent of being able to think out loud in structured ways about the theory and psychology. My kind of magician. And thinker.

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Coin Magic

I’ve been studying sleight of hand with coins, lately. Here’s a collection of some of the effects I’ve learned:

And an oldie from a few months ago…

In many ways, I find coin magic to be the purest form of the art.

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Mac’s Birthday Penny

Today’s my birthday…na na na na na na, na na! It’s my birthday too! Na na na na na na, na na!

Um, well. Anyway, here’s a little video about what I got for my birthday:

Fooling around with a coin (or two), in celebration of my 39th birthday, today.

Music is “Return”, as performed by the most awesomest of bands, “With Eyes Like Ours”. (Dudes, move to Austin with me if you actually want to make it in the music biz!)

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Levitating Money

Here is my latest effect: the Floating Bill:

The classic floating bill levitation trick, with my second son, Tommy, as assistant.

(Music is the TV Edit of “Tank!”, a.k.a. the theme to Cowboy Bebop, by the Seatbelts.)

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