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New Video Series: Forgiveness and Reconciliation

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Four Questions and Two Propositions for a Healthier Mind

A quick video I threw together at work this morning:

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Just Curious?

What questions are hardest for you to face? Why? Practice some loving curiosity so you can better understand other people. And yourself.

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Running and Spirituality

So I started a new exercise program today. I’m a runner. I’m building up to a 5k run. Which is weird, because I have NEVER been a runner. But it’s time for an interesting change.

And because I am prepping to preach about spiritual self-improvement, I thought I’d share my physical self-improvement experience with others, and use it as a jumping off point to talk about what it takes to overcome barriers that may be preventing you from finding meaning in your life and fulfilling that meaning.

But I’ve said enough. Here’s the video from this morning:

So what do you think? How do you feel about exercise? How does that connect with spiritual health?

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Mac Frazier performs Aaron Fisher

Aaron Fisher is a genius. I like watching his instructional videos and listening to his podcast as much for his metathinking on magic as a psychological performance art as I do for their instructional–and entertainment–value.

Below are a few of his effects, as performed by me…



The effect behind “Booya”, the One-Handed Popover:

And, finally, Secret Weapon:

Check out Aaron Fisher’s website,

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