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Coin Magic

I’ve been studying sleight of hand with coins, lately. Here’s a collection of some of the effects I’ve learned:

And an oldie from a few months ago…

In many ways, I find coin magic to be the purest form of the art.

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Mac’s Birthday Penny

Today’s my birthday…na na na na na na, na na! It’s my birthday too! Na na na na na na, na na!

Um, well. Anyway, here’s a little video about what I got for my birthday:

Fooling around with a coin (or two), in celebration of my 39th birthday, today.

Music is “Return”, as performed by the most awesomest of bands, “With Eyes Like Ours”. (Dudes, move to Austin with me if you actually want to make it in the music biz!)

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Levitating Money

Here is my latest effect: the Floating Bill:

The classic floating bill levitation trick, with my second son, Tommy, as assistant.

(Music is the TV Edit of “Tank!”, a.k.a. the theme to Cowboy Bebop, by the Seatbelts.)

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Classic Sponge Ball Routine

This is the “out-of-the-box” (which, in my opinion, is the OPPOSITE of “outside-of-the-box”) routine with those silly spongey balls. I sympathize with Joshua Jay when he says (in his awesome book/DVD combo “Complete Magic”) that sponge balls are weird foreign objects that sillify modern magic. (Okay, not his words, but close enough.)

But I couldn’t resist. The things are just too darn fun to play with! So I cranked up some Chili Peppers and put on a show. Enjoy:

In other news, I am working on a formal “Why the General Church Needs to Plant New Churches in New Places” argument. I’m writing it as a paper, but will also be putting together a power point presentation, and maybe a video. As I work this out, I may try just blithering ideas on video here at, as a way of getting my thoughts strait. I would love to have your feedback as I do so. So stay tuned….

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Two Magic Tricks

Here is the story of the “Obnoxious Kid”:

This is my presentation of the classic, “Triumph”, under the title, “The Obnoxious Kid”. Now, I actually love kids, and NONE of the kids I teach are actually “obnoxious”. My students are AWESOME! But it makes for a better story, this way.

The song in the background, by the way, is “Kilimanjaro” by the band, Township Bamboo, from their 1993 album, Journal of Dreams. (THAT will bring back some memories for some folks!)

And now here is “Pulling a Card Through the Deck, Two Ways”:

A simple Card Through Deck effect, with some Tom Waits (“Russian Dance”) in the background.

Have a magical day!

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