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Coming Home

Now I’m in seat 29C on USAir 1206 from Phoenix to PHL. I’ll be back on the ground around 7:27pm Eastern time, they say.

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Leaving Tucson

I’m in seat 5C on USAir 2994 from Tucson to Phoenix. Wow. What an amazing week this turned out to be!

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Church Planting Seminar: Day Three

The Church Planting and Growth Seminar is done. Something tectonic has happened in the church, and I feel thrilled to have witnessed it.

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Church Planting Seminar: Day Two

Today was about commitment, teams, location, small groups, classes, meetings, worship, music, and mutual support across denominations.

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Church Planting Seminar: Day One

Yesterday: vision, leadership, focus (church growth = local congregation growth), and being part of a Movement. What will today bring?

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