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Just Curious?

What questions are hardest for you to face? Why? Practice some loving curiosity so you can better understand other people. And yourself.

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Peer Network

A network of Swedenborgian church planting peers has been in the process of forming with the goal of providing mutual support and shared best practices.

[This is from the Launch Plan for New Way Church in Austin, TX. Yesterday: Advisory Board. Tomorrow: Adopted Parent Congregation(s).]

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Church Planting Seminar: Day Three

The Church Planting and Growth Seminar is done. Something tectonic has happened in the church, and I feel thrilled to have witnessed it.

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Church Planting Seminar: Day One

Yesterday: vision, leadership, focus (church growth = local congregation growth), and being part of a Movement. What will today bring?

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is reading Tribes by Seth Godin (awesome! awesome! awsome!) and No Perfect People Allowed by John Burke (great idea, not great theology).

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