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Are We There Yet?

From time to time I get lost in my mind
When thoughts let go of now and turn to meaning:
A peek above the hedge to seek and find
A bigger picture of life's path so fleeting.
At times my passions mapped a path quite bold
Across the landscape seen by eyes so young,
But more and more now that I have grown older
My visions of horizons come undone.
For forty years my future was so certain;
The path would blur but the compass point stayed clear.
But now all roads are hidden by rain curtains,
And far as I can tell my goal's no nearer
Than when I first set out so long ago.
Are roads and maps and trips an empty show?

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Aspirational Goal

In 30 years New Way Church will launch 7 additional self-supporting New Church societies, each with a weekly attendance of over 300 people, several of which will themselves have launched their own daughter congregations.

[Exerpted from the Launch Plan for a church in Austin, TX. Yesterday was Our Mantra. Tomorrow: Vision.]

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