Assimilation goal: each newcomer should have 7 church friends in first 6 months.

Invite ratio: 14 personal invitations to get 1 long-term member.

Direct mail response rates: normally .5%, but in church world perhaps more like .25%.

Outreach/marketing budget: at least 10%.

Salaries/benefits: under 50%.

Second worship service: when 1st is 80% full AND over 100 people.

1st Worship space must accommodate at least 125, although it should be set up for less, so chairs get pulled out as people arrive. (Assuming portable chairs; if a movie theater, for instance, this won’t work, obviously. Movie theater strategy will probably be to go with smallest available auditorium: likely 100 seats.)

At least 2 Sunday a.m. services before services at other times/days.

At least 2 services, as soon as possible.

Hire full time ordained staff: 1 for every 150 Sunday attendees.

[This is from the Launch Plan for New Way Church in Austin, TX. Yesterday I explained Service Evangelism. Tomorrow will be all about Daughtering.]

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