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Magic Practice

Here’s a random collection of effects I was working on the other day:

Originally, I was just working on my pass (which is much better than it used to be, thankfully), but then I started fooling around with some other stuff, including a still-in-progress sketch of an ACR, I’m calling the “Obnoxious Card”. Also included are a spin change, and a coin through card effect.

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Four Aces, Two Ways

My latest card foolery:

Confessions of a recidivist card mechanic. (Just kidding. I still don’t play poker, or any other card game for money, any more.)

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It’s Been Awhile but We’re Back with Style

I’m wanted for the senseless use of Chipmunk music in three states.

I’m sorry, but no, I cannot explain.

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Sweet, Sweet Magic!

Got a coin? And a sugar packet? To quote the freaky alien abductees on Boobah: “Look what I can do!”

And no, no fancy camera work. You would have seen the same thing if you were here in my office with me live. Except that there’d be sugar all over your hands, rather than all over my desk.

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Is Randomness Real?

Thinking about chaos theory and Divine Providence, and messing around with a deck of cards, I came up with this video:

Many people in this world attribute everything to themselves and to their own prudence, and anything they cannot claim in this way they attribute to chance or coincidence. They do not realize that human prudence is nothing and that “chance” and “coincidence” are empty words.

-Emmanuel Swedenborg, Divine Providence #70.

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