This is the plan for the launching of a new New Church church (sic) in Austin, Texas, named “New Way Church”. This is will contribute to the General Church Strategic Plan, which calls for (among other things) the planting of new church societies on an ongoing basis. Although this plan, if successful, will result in the creation of multiple congregations, it is not intended as a complete solution to the General Church plan. Rather, it is just one suggested model that ought to be tried at least once, and then modified and reused, in other locations, for future General Church sponsored church starts.

[As announced yesterday, I am serializing my launch plan for planting a church in Austin. Before getting into the meat of things (tomorrow), we’re starting (above) with the 30 second intro to give you some context. Remember to share this with interested New Church folks who want to learn more about church planting. Tomorrow afternoon: “The Point“.]