Really enjoyed sharing the third message of our 3 part series on forgiveness last Sun. Next Sun I will do an excerpt at the BA Cathedral.

Because people asked, here’s a very brief synopsis of part 3:

Truth, BY ITSELF, is a hard stone that hurts and kills. The Lord never “stones” anyone for their mistakes, because he is Mercy itself, and is present in Good, and ONLY in Truth so far as it is wed to Good. If the Lord doesn’t stone people, we shouldn’t, either. Now, when we feel resentment, or feel owed apologies or reparations, or feel anything negative toward someone who has truly wronged us, it is really hard to let go, because we have no direct control over our feelings or our affections. They are too deep. What we CAN at least partially control are our thoughts. So while it’s hard to let go of a feeling, we can instead focus on letting go of an idea that is attached to that feeling, in this case letting go of the truth we are carrying around like a stone: that truth that the person really did hurt us. And forgiving is all about letting go. The Latin “remittere” means both to forgive and to let go.