Hey there! I have decided to start to share parts of my plan for launching a new church in Austin here on MacFrazier.com. I’ll be releasing pieces of the plan serially, all under the Strategy subcategory of the Church Planting category. I’ll probably publish about one excerpt a day, at least on weekdays, and usually some time after lunchtime here on the east coast.

So over the next few weeks, here is a list of topics I’ll be posting on:

As I post on these topics, I’ll link them back to this outline to help you navigate among the sections.

Why am I doing this? To satisfy curiosity. To solicit support. To stimulate thinking. To encourage others to come up with their own, better plans, for their own, better projects. And especially to start a conversation. I am happy to answer questions as they come up. So if you know someone who is interested in the topic of church planting in the New Christian (Swedenborgian) context, invite them in. I’d love to hear from you all.

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