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Peer Network

A network of Swedenborgian church planting peers has been in the process of forming with the goal of providing mutual support and shared best practices.

[This is from the Launch Plan for New Way Church in Austin, TX. Yesterday: Advisory Board. Tomorrow: Adopted Parent Congregation(s).]

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Advisory Board

The following people, drawn from different areas, make up an advisory group that is consulted on various aspects of this plan on an ongoing basis.

Rev. David Lindrooth – General Church Outreach Director

Rev. David Roth – Pastor and past church-planter, Boulder New Church

Dr. Chuck Ebert –General Church Outreach Committee

Dain Kistner – General Church Budget and Audit Committee

Amy Bruno – South east Austin.

Cedric Williams – North east Austin (Georgetown).

Martha Brown – South Austin.

Jeff Jackson – North west Austin. Likely treasurer, once board of directors is formed.

[This is from the Launch Plan for New Way Church in Austin, TX. Last week we looked at the Initial Leadership Team. Tomorrow: the Peer Network.]

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Initial Leadership Team

Founding Pastor: Rev. Glenn “Mac” Frazier – experienced entrepreneur and preacher. (See bio elsewhere.) Provides vision, leadership, and executive management. Duties:

  • Congregational leadership.
  • Preaching.
  • Teaching.
  • Executive management of staff.
  • Board chair.
  • Volunteer recruiting and management.
  • Program development.
  • Outreach and marketing.

Worship/Music Leader:

Ethan Daum – talented musician and dedicated church member, currently working in Stuart Hall. Current studies show that successful church plants are started by two full-time staff, assisted by one or two volunteers in leadership positions. The failure rate of church planters is significantly reduced when they have a full time partner to rely on. In addition, the culture of Austin is deeply rooted in music—the city’s claim of being “Live Music Capital of the World” is not hard to justify. One of the early challenges for New Way Church will be to build and maintain excellence in its worship services as quickly as possible. In this town, sub-par music is unacceptable.

Ethan is not only a talented musician and budding composer with a successful history of collaborating on worship services with Mac Frazier (e.g. the 2009 Academy Charter Day Sunday service at the Asplundh Field House), but he has a proven track reccord of successfully recruiting and leading a wide variety of young adult musicians in worship settings.

Duties will include:

  • Leading worship music.
  • Leading and managing musicians.
  • Directing technical aspects of worship gatherings.
  • Co-developing worship programs with founding pastor.
  • Writing original worship music.
  • Recruiting volunteers.
  • Outreach.
  • Assisting founding pastor as appropriate.

Teen Program Leader: Ethan Daum (see above). Ethan will be doing double-duty as both Worship & Music Leader and Teen Leader. Ethan is a half generation younger than Mac, and so extends the demographic outreach of the leadership team. He has worked with teens at both the ANC Secondary School and at the Laurel church camps.

Duties as Teen Program Leader include:

  • Developing teen programs.
  • Directing the overall teen ministry.
  • Recruiting volunteers.
  • Co-developing and sometimes leading service projects.
  • Outreach.
  • Advising the founding pastor.

Volunteer Children’s Program Leader: Heather McQueen Jackson, experienced educator, life-time New Church member, and Austin resident. Duties:

  • Develop children’s programs, including Sunday morning.
  • Liason with General Church Office of Education.
  • Recruit and manage volunteers.
  • Advise founding pastor.

Volunteer Community Leader: Still under consideration.Duties:

  • Direct worship service environment systems (signage, greeters, welcome table, communication cards, etc.).
  • Direct assimilation and followup systems (followup emails, newcomer gifts).
  • Co-manage small group programs with founding pastor.
  • Recruit and manage volunteers.
  • Outreach.
  • Advise founding pastor.

Part-time paid administrative assistant: Duties:

  • Office management tasks.
  • Administrative assistance to founding pastor.
  • Support for Worship/Teen/Children/Community program leaders.
  • Miscellaneous outreach and marketing tasks.

[This is from the Launch Plan for New Way Church in Austin, TX. Yesterday: Target Demographics. Next: Advisory Board.]

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Target Demographics

Open to all, focused on Austinites (within city limits): 20-somethings and 30-somethings, young starters, young professionals, tech workers, and students. Special focus on dissatisfied Christians and anti-baptist postmoderns. (See Percept data reports for detailed local breakdowns of demographic and psychographic distributions.) By having a “target”, we are not closing ourselves to other people; the purpose of having a target demographic is to provide focus and starting point for planning and outreach.

[This is from the Launch Plan for New Way Church in Austin, TX. Yesterday began this section on People. Next we’ll continue the theme with a post on the Initial Leadership Team.]

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Church is about the connection of two elements: the Lord, and people. The Lord is eternal and infinite, and so unchanging. People, however, are finite and temporal, and so vary greatly from age to age, from place to place, and from language to language. So it is very important that we define which people we are dealing with in this plan.

[This is from the Launch Plan for New Way Church in Austin, TX. Last Friday we wrapped up the Rationale section with a post on Contingencies. Today begins the People section, so tomorrow’s post will be on Target Demographics.]

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