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Test Post

I’m changing how my various online systems interact with one another. This is a test post to see where it shows up.


User Database Purged

If you were a subscriber to this website but are no longer getting updates, it’s probably because your registration got nuked while dealing with a spammer problem in our user database. If you re-register, things should work fine again.

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Ben Levin (blevin3000 on Twitter) reminded me to grab a FaceBook vanity plate: Lame? But it’s my brand:

Read his post on the latest netrush over at Benjablog. One thing I miss about no longer being one of the professional digerati? Getting to use words like “disintermediation”!


Tweet Tweet

Okay, I’m experimenting with integrating Twitter with this Blog. This means that, for now, every time I update my Twitter feed, it will create a new post here at (Twitter is already automatically updating my Google Chat status and my FaceBook status, by the way.)


Hello world! I missed you!

Well, finally! I’m a blogging again! And I’m back down to essentially just one blog: Like it?

Well, I’m not that impressed either. Give me some time and I’ll have this up and running, tricked out, prettied up, etc. Hopefully I’ll have it sync’ed up with my Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts, and then start up my audio podcasting again. But not all at once.

So all my old blogs–Mac’s Tempblog,, Ylog, Vlog,, and Theoblog–are, as of this morning, gone. Time to turn a new page.